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Privacy Policy

Customer information is stored in the register in connection with the order. We do not use this information to direct marketing purposes. The information is collected only for the reliable delivery of the order to the customer.

Registrar: Oy Juho Jussila, Business ID FI0174361-5, Address: Puulaakintie 6, FI-40320 Jyväskylä.

Register name: The Customer Register

The use of registry: Order placing and related exchange, return and care of other subjects.

Data content: The name and address of the customer, any extra information like gift receiver’s name, telephone number, e-mail address, any additional information of order as well as on-demand products.

Release of information: Information is not passed on, unless the authority, who has the right to obtain information, ask for them in writing.

The Subscriber

The customer must be at least 18 years old. Customers under 18 years of age should be ordered only with the written consent of guardians.


Rates are quoted in Euros and include the currently valid VAT in Finland. Oy Juho Jussila reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

The orders placed outside of the European Union (Åland) are VAT excluded. This is notified on the cash-tab.

Product photos

The colors of product photos may differ from original colors of the products because of technical photographic reasons, computer display diversity and a natural wood color variation.

Payment methods

The Payment by Bank Buttons (Finland)

The payment transfer service Checkout transfers your payment to web shop merchant. You have access to all Finnish banks’ payment buttons or you can pay using Nordea, Osuuspankki, Säästöpankki, POP Bank, Danske Bank, Handelsbank, S-Bank, Ålandsbank and LähiTapiola Bank payment buttons.The receiver of the payment is Checkout Finland which transfers your payment to web shop.

Payments by Credit Cards

The available credit cards for payments are Visa, Visa Credit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard. The credit card payments are made securely NETS SSL secure payment form. The web shop and Checkout Finland Oy has no access to credit card information and debit card information is not saved to web shop’s own systmes. The web shop use international identification services Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

The Web shop requires Checkout payment transfer service for credit card payments. The web shop is marketer of its own products and services as well as supplier of products to the customer. The web shop is responsible of statuory trade-related and self-determination for any other obligations.

The credit card transaction happens between the customer and Checkout Finland (2196606-6). Checkout Finland Oy is responsible for obligations and claims related to credit card payments. The Checkout appears on the recipient of the credit card payment and transfers payment direct to web shop.

Payments by telephone, mobile payments

Mobile version allows payments by mobile methods. Optional payment operators are Pivo, Masterpass and MobilePay.


The Bank Transfer (Giro) Payment, SEPA payment

The bank transfer payment is available and in this case the customer receives the payment information to his own e-mail.

The order number must be mentioned on payment’s reference field.

After the payment registration to web shop’s bank account happens the delivery of products to customer’s address.

Payment when retrieving products from factory shop

The products meant to be retrieve from our factory shop we collect ready for our customers. We send an e-mail to the customer when the order is ready for pick up.

You can pay your order like other orders or you can choose “payment by retrieving”.

Available payment methods in factory shop are cash and following cards: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard.

Postal Giro (only Finland, incl. Åland)

Postal Giro payment is taking place in post office by cash or bank card when retrieving the delivery. The postal giro payment value is mentioned on cashier tab.

Bus Giro (only Finland, incl. Åland)

Bus Giro Payment is taking place in Matkahuolto local office by cash or bank card when retrieving the delivery. Bus Giro Payment will be added to delivery cost. Bus Giro payment value is mentioned on cashier tab.


At the moment are our web shop order deliveries possible to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Estonia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain and Portugal. More countries will join in 2017. When shipped to other countries, please, contact our customer service info(at) or telephone +358 44 72 47 400.

The shipping cost and methods of delivery are mentioned on shopping chart or cashier tab. The cost is dependable of shipping country, method of delivery, product size and weight.

Mail Delivery

Some of products will be delivered in the letter by mail. All prepaid letters are coming direct to mail box. The others, ordered by post giro and letters not fulfilling requirements of letter consignment (e.g, thickness over 3 cm) must be collected from the local post office. The option is, that the delivery take place with optional transport method. In case that other products are ordered but not in sufficient size for letter delivery, the delivery method will be changed automatically to other delivery method.

The customer is getting notification of letter deliveries when the order is gone.

In case the order is necessary to deliver e.g. because of its big size, the customer will receive the notification of it too.

GLS (EU countries, excl. Finland)

The parcel will be delivered to the address the customer has written or to GLS local office for the pick-up of it using tracking code or notice of arrival. For more information about this delivery method can be found at:

The customer is getting the tracking code to his own e-mail address when the delivery is registered to GLS system.

Notice! Orders for present! If customer is placing an order to us and transfers it direct to presentee, it is necessary to notice us the telephone number of presentee. Only in this case we can ensure contact to presentee and deliver the parcel to right address.

Orders worth more than 250 euro are delivery cost free. If some of the products will be refunded in such a way that the value of the order is less than 250 euro, reduce the reimbursement the sum of shipping cost.

Notice! The delivery cost free option must be chosen on shopping chart or cashier tab on web shop.

Mail delivery (Finland only, incl. Åland)

We deliver products by mail to the address customer has announced to us or to the nearest postal office.

Products can be ordered as a present and in this case we deliver products direct to presentee.

When product or products are in our stock, the delivery time is 2-7 working days from the order. We tend to arrange order deliveries to the next working day’s transport lines just after the order day.

The shipping cost to be determined by weight and delivery method. The shipping cost is shown on shopping chart and cashier tab. We add postal payment on receipt cost to the delivery cost if customer has chosen this term of delivery. We charge Postal payment on receipt and delivery cost value from the unredeemed deliveries. The orders worth more than 250 euro are delivery cost free.

In case that a part of products has been returned to our web shop and the final value is less than 250 euro, we decrease delivery cost value of return sum of money.

Post office delivery (Finland only, including the Åland Islands)

Post Office delivery (Finland only, incl. Åland)

The parcel is delivered to request the post office where the package can be retrieved from the transmission code or notice of arrival.

The transmission code will be sent to customer’s e-mail address when the parcel is registered in post office to mail system.

For Post Office deliveries the desired pick-up office is possible to select on cashier-tab. The menu shows the 10 nearest Post offices.

Door to door delivery (Finland only, incl. Åland)

The parcel to be transported to recipient’s door. The post office contacts recipient within 1-2 business days of posting the parcel and organize the delivery date and delivery time period.

In the largest cities the distribution of parcels is possible on business days until 21.00 o’clock. In other areas the distribution of parcels are until 14.00 or 17.00 o’clock. The distribution times are listed according to postal codes and control of them is possible on Post of Finland’s web pages or customer service. The customer must inform his telephone number for receiving of delivery code or transport company’s contact call.

When ordering products for a presentee it is necessary to notice us the telephone number of presentee. The service contains one distribution attempt. If the receiver is not at meeting point, the receiver gets contact request.

The availability of service over the areal postal code system is possible to control on distribution time request information:

Smart Post, parcel automat (only Finland, also Åland)

Parcels fulfilling parcel automat requirements can be sent to parcel automat. Parcels sent to

automats are ready for customer’s retrieve during the next business day. The customer can choose on cashier tab the collect point of parcel using collect point site on which are shown 10 nearest collect points. Parcel automates are in use when super market centers are open and also during weekends. In case dimensions of the parcel are not fulfilling the parcel automat requirements (e. g. several products) and dimensions are greater than parcel automate can accept, the delivery is automatically changed to door to door delivery.

Matkahuolto (Finland only, incl. Åland)

Matkahuolto can be chosen for parcel deliveries as well as Corona and Junior Corona deliveries.

The customer must collect parcels from the Matkahuolto offices or Matkahuolto partner offices (Siwa, Valintatalo, R-Kioski or other office depending on district). The cashier tab shows 10 nearest Matkahuolto offices or partner offices. The optional retrieving point is possible to write on exceptional pick-up field on web site. The complete list of Matkahuolto offices is possible to find form the web site:

If there is no marking on this field, the delivery take place to the nearest collecting point.

Matkahuolto keeps the parcel 14 days for pick up. The return of parcel must be done to the same office from which it has been collected. In case of return the customer must be in contact with us before returning parcel by e-mail: info(at) or telephone +358 44 7247 400.

Freight Transport (Finland only, excl. Åland)

Corona and Junior Corona Games are delivered by Kaukokiito to the customer’s address only in Finland. The freight cost in this case is 25,00 euro/order. Other product orders can be attached to the same delivery. Some of the products can be delivered in the same box with the Corona Game. Freight transports is not provided at home in Suomenlinna (postal code 00190) and not in Turku Archipelago area (postal codes 21740, 22710, 22720, 22730, 22820, 22920 and 23390). Deliveries to these areas are taking place to the nearest Kaukokiito office.

For tracking of freight the bill of lading is sent to the customer’s e-mail address. With the number of bill of lading the tracking of delivery is possible on Kaukokiito web site. The customer must tell us his telephone number always when using freight transport.

The delivery of products to EU countries and Non-EU countries

We deliver products to EU countries and non-EU countries. We do not deliver products to United States of America.

Please, contact us by mail: info(at) or by telephone: +358 44 72 47 400.

Our web pages are at the moment only in Finnish and English, but we serve our customers also in German and Swedish.

Change and return of products

According to Finnish Consumer Protection Act the customer has 14 days change and return right of ordered products.

The customer can get acquainted with products ordered from Oy Juho Jussila after the receiving of products. The customer can ascertain his purchase decision. In case the product is not fulfilling customer’s requirements its return is possible in 14 day period. The change to another product is possible. The prerequisite for return of product is that the product is unused and in original condition.

The product must always be returned in its original product packing.

Before the return of product the customer must be in contact with our customer service by e-mail: info(at) or by telephone +358-44-7247 400.

Please, do not send return parcel by Post Giro – we do not redeem it.

According to Finnish Consumer Protection Act we transfer the trade sum of money to customer’s account mentioned on Return Form when returned product has arrived at our stock and we have inspected it.

The returned product must be in further sales condition. The company Juho Jussila does not accept return of used or damaged products. The product can be sent back to the customer when delivery cost of Oy Juho Jussila has been fully compensated to the company Oy Juho Jussila.

Oy Juho Jussila has the right to cashier cost of orders which are not cancelled or picked up from retrieving point offices. The amount of cost corresponds of delivery cost and other cost generated by non-retrieved or non-cancelled order handling.

The cancelling of the order must be done before the delivery by e-mail: info(at) or by telephone +358 44 7247 400.

Other Term of Sales

The company Oy Juho Jussila has, according to Finnish Consumer Protection Act, the responsibility of product failures. In case of product failure the customer must be in contact with the company Oy Juho Jussila. The customer has the right to put controversy to the Consumer Dispute Board or other legal organ of State of Finland e. g. contacting first to consumer advisory services.

Oy Juho Jussila has the right to accept or reject customer’s order.

Oy Juho Jussila is not responsible of consequences which occur because of telecommunication service problems or other maintenance, technical failure or other reasons.

Possible disputes of contract cases between the Customer and the Service Provider governed by the Law of Finland.

All disputes dealt with in the District Court of Jyväskylä, Finland, Europe.