Jukka Wooden Toy distribution in Finland:

Available in professional toy shops, our own webshop and factory shop in Finland. Please, ask your nearest toy shop in Finland.

Contact Information

Street Address:

Oy Juho Jussila
Puulaakintie 6
40320 Jyväskylä


Gsm: +358 44 7247 400


Mail to: info(at)juhojussila.fi

Factory Shop:

Oy Juho Jussila
Puulaakintie 6
40320 Jyväskylä

Factory shop is open from Monday to Friday at 9 — 16.

We are often in our factory also during evening hours and we can serve you in our factory shop. Please, ask our possibilities to serve you later in the evening and call us (+358 44 724 7400) before the closing time 16 o’clock.

For visitor groups we can open our doors in the evenings or during the weekends. Please, send your inquiry for a visit by e-mail info(at)juhojussila.fi several weeks before your visit.

When our factory shop is too far away from your home or you cannot find suitable Jukka Wooden Toy for you, please, just send us an e-mail: info(at)juhojussila.fi.





For your service:

Our e-mail addresses are in form: first name.last name (at) juhojussila.fi
except maija.jussila(at)juhojussila.fi

Sales Manager: Mr. Harri Savo
CEO: Mrs. Maija Jussila-Savo