myymala2-019Our factory shop locates in factory building address Puulaakintie 6, 40320 Jyväskylä, Finland.

Parking place is large enough also for heavy vehicles like buses and trucks.

We keep our doors open form Monday to Friday at 9 – 16 o’clock. We can serve you also other times if we are in factory building. If the door is closed but an information caution is on the door, just push doorbell buttons.

Please, ask our possibilities to serve you later in the evening and call us (+358447247400) before the closing time 16 o’clock.

For the visitor groups we can open our doors in the evenings or during the weekends. Please, send your inquiry for a visit by e-mail (info [at] several weeks before your visit.

When our factory shop is too far away from your home or you cannot find suitable Jukka Wooden Toy for you, please, just send us an e-mail: info [at]


myymala5-001Our factory shop offers normal stock products as well as products with new colors, new first serial products, test color products, the second class products with small painting defects and wood hobby craft material. We offer also dry Finnish birch wood boards in small quantities. Ask our turning wood material in sizes 20 x 20 mm and 26 x 26 mm. Lengths may vary.

myymala2-029We sell also beech and oak, but these wood materials are not full size board. This is sawing edge of the board. Actual dimensions and quantities by request.

We can serve our customers living far away from our factory shop via our web shop and customer service. We mainly do not send so called second quality products to our customers. The customer must see the “defect” of product that he can approve the product. In some cases we can send the second quality product to the customer if first class product is not available and customer can accept this procedure. The second class product is not reclaimable.

Payment methods are cash, Finnish Bank Cards and Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard.

Jukka Toy Museum

myymala2-006In the same factory shop area is also a small size toy museum in which we have stored our products from the first years to modern days. We do not have complete collection but we have found missing products from open market and got endowments from private persons.

We thank you all for your kind endowments to our museum and in the same time you have given a possibility to younger generation to get time trip into the past. You can visit our shop and just look at if you can find your own lovely toy of your childhood. You propably need spare parts or game instructions for your own toy or game?


More photographs of our factory shop…… and museum.