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Corona game discs set, plastic


Corona game discs set, plastic

Blue, green, red and yellow game discs. Consists of 8 game dischs and one hit disc per color.

All in total 32 game discs and 4 hit discs.

Junior Korona cue


Junior Corona Game Stick

Straight turned stick for Junior Corona Game.

Roller stool wheel set


Roller Stool Spare Part Set

White plastic, manufactured by Oy Juho Jussila, comb nails made in Finland.

  • Wheel diameter 38 mm, thickness 12 mm, length of nail 50 mm

Toe Stick for Rocking Horse

7,50 8,00 

Toe Stick for Rocking Horse

Made of Finnish Birch Wood. Laquered or Wood white. The set includes fastening screws 2 pcs and screw driver.