Oy Juho Jussila is one of the oldest plastic injection moulding companies in Finland. We started injection moulding of plastic parts in 1951. Our 2500 m2 factory locates in Jyväskylä.


We manufacture accurate injection moulded plastic parts to many industrial sectors. Customer oriented approach is the basement of our activities. We offer all kind of services of plastic injection moulding industry.

Technical Information

Clamping force of our machinery is 200… 3500 kN (20…350 t) and we have 10 machines in our factory.

The weight of plastic parts from 2 grams up to 1000 gram. The maximum cross-section area of the part 1200 cm2.

Plastic raw materials

Main raw materials are PBT, PMMA, PC, PA, PES, POM, PSU, ABS, PET and blends of them as well as the most common plastic materials like PE and PP.